How To Get Good Fast

Hey dude, do you want to get a date? Get laid? Get a girlfriend?

Maybe you want all three of these things?

And do you want this to happen ASAP……

without having to really stress or think about what to text to accomplish this?

Would you believe me if I told you that it could be accomplished all from solely just texting?

And that it was actually really easy once you know what you’re doing.

Would you also believe me if I told you there was a method out there that could practically guarantee all of this happening the first time you used it?

It Really Can Be That Easy

Ok so these are some pretty bold claims I know.

But the truth in the matter is I get laid and go on dates with gorgeous women on a weekly basis all from simply just texting.

I get a girls number from work, friends, clubs, even the streets…..

And if you’ve gotten a girls number in some of these ways — especially if it was  in a rush — you’ll know that they amount to nothing but the paper they are written on.

Try getting a random girls number from a club and call her the next day and ask her out on a date….

What’s likely to happen is that she will make any excuse imaginable to NOT go out with you.

And this isnt your fault at all — and its not a side effect from not being “attractive” enough.

But rather it is because her logical brain kicks in and she realizes that she doesnt know you from a whole in the wall.

You were just some guy who quickly entered her life, got her number and then left.

You have not built any comfort with her and in her mind she sees you as a stranger.

So rather than calling her and getting an excuse as to why she cant go out with you — instead you start texting her.

Texts are low key and non invasive. So you can begin to build comfort, rapport, and attraction under the radar.

Until one morning she wakes up and realizes that you’re a part of her daily life and shes attracted to you.

Now try calling her up and see what happens.

The date is now a guarantee.

And with that said this is precisely what I do to get laid through texting on a continous basis.

What If I Already Know The Girl

Texting can also be fantastic for getting a girl you already know well; who currently isnt attracted to you; to become attracted to you.

Once I learned the skills of proper text game I was able to turn girls onto me who previously did not think much of me at all in the past.

The fact of the matter is that people change.

And if you can start displaying the qualities of an attractive, in demand, and alpha male to a girl over text she is going to start changing her opinion of you.

She will start to percieve you in this regard (whether its true or not) simply if you can demonstrate these characteristics over text message for a duration of time.

Now in real life this can be a daunting and futile task due to you not knowing, or not being able to physically pull it off.

Maybe you have poor bodylanguage, your not very confident, or you simply don’t know what to say.

And that’s why you haven’t been able to get her so far.

Well the beauty in texting is that you’re not on display — hell, you’re not even being seen.

So bodylanguage, confidence, nervous ticks, eye contact — all this stuff is out the window and doesnt matter.

All that it takes to get a girl into you by texting is simply knowing what and when to say the correct things.

By texting the things a funny, attractive, in demand, and alpha male would text — she will slowly but surely start to change her opinion of you in favor of these things.

She will become attracted to you.

And then when you do meet her in person she will overlook any of your faults because shes already attracted to you. (provided you don’t make a complete ass of yourself)

And the best part about his is that you can achieve all of this by doing little more than copy and pasting lines and integrating strategies from guys who are doing this on a daily basis.

Since its texting its all just words on a screen.

And words of course can be copied.

Success Starts Here

So where am I going with all of this exactly?

Well basically I am trying to explain the huge power and edge for getting women through texting.

And if you’ve read some of the stuff on my site you’ll know just how easy and powerful texting can be for accomplishing this.

And you’ll also know that texting is practically ALL I do now to get me from just meeting to just fucking.

But it wasn’t always like this. I used to absolutely SUCK at texting women.

And would never get laid, get a date, or even be able to keep the girl interested in me.

In fact I actually used to lose girls who were already interested in me after I started texting them for a bit.

Yea, I really was that bad…..

But everything really did change a few years back when I bought a texting guide from one of the top pickup artists of the year.

Im not really a huge believer in “the pickup arts”, but all I know is that this shit worked for me.

And the creator of the guide is a dude that is a savvant of texting. All he seems to do for a living is hit on girls over facebook and text messaging.

And after years of doing this he became incredibly skilled at it and created a guide showing his entire methodology.

So in case anyone wants to know how I got so good so fast at this — and how they can in turn can do the same — I am writing it here.

Because this is the guide that got me all started.

Now I have to say that of course you can achieve the same results as me without a guide or anyones help.

Simply by practicing and learning stuff on your own.

But we all know that learning to be exceptional at anything can take month or even years of dedicated practice.

And of course through continous practice you must also continously fail.

Thats how learning happens.

And when it comes to things like basketball practice — if you miss the net you can always pick up the ball and shoot again.

But with women its typically not the same.

Once you blow it the first time by texting too many of the wrong things she’s going to grow bored of you, become unnattracted, and move on.

And while you can salvage this through correct texting later on — you still at the moment have no idea what to do.

And this sucks, hurts your ego, and blunts your confidence. Basically it usually just makes you feel like shit.

And so you move onto the next girl and try again only to repeat the same process more or less.

And this was pretty much my life before I got this guide and actually learned how to really text women for once.

So what is this “amazing” guide I keep rambling on about?

Introducing — Text That Girl

The guide I am referring to is known as Text That Girl by Race da Priest.

And I can honestly say that you owe it to yourself to try this if you are currently struggling and want to get real results with women as fast as possible.

I have looked around at other texting guides out there since buying this and have found nothing even close to what this has to offer.

Simply put I really do believe it will change your texting, and in turn it will change your life.

At least it did for me.

Text That Girl is the guide I used to get my first lay solely from texting the very first time I used it.

Yes I got laid the first time I ever used this guide on a girl.

And it is the reason for so many others that followed.

Without it I would not be where I currently am.

Simply put if you are doing things with a girl through texting like:

  • Sending variations of “hey whatsup, hows it going, what are you up to today, hey, how are you, etc”
  • Sending things like “hey it was nice meeting you yesterday, I had fun yesterday, Hope to do this again sometime”
  • Asking her question after question like its an interview.
  • Directly asking her out on a date
  • Giving short replies like “thats cool, thats awesome”.
  • Giving long replies in the hopes of giving her things to latch onto or keep the conversation going.
  • Not correctly using statements in your texts.
  • Not demonstrating value in your texts.
  • Not demonstrating that you are socially in demand
  • Not demonstrating scarcity
  • And most importantly if you are not getting a date or not getting laid (depending on your goals here)

…then you are very likely screwing up and killing your chances of ever getting this girl, or any girl in the future from texting.

Text That Girl will show you how to fix these things.

And I know this because it did these things for me.

And allowed me to live the life I am currently living.

And I can almost guarantee that I was initially a much worse texter than you are.


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Email Testimonial I Recieved:

Hey Chris,

Just thought I’d give you a shout out. I’ve struggled with getting dates and picking up girls for most of my life however I was always particularly bad at texting.

Now that I’m out of college and working full time the amount of girls that come into my life is very few and far between it seems. And since I am now very busy whenever I do meet a new girl I almost always have to number close her fairly quickly and rely on texting to meet up again.

Needless to say my results have been disasterous thus far.

Found your site a little over a week ago and bought Text That Girl simply because you seemed down to earth and interested in getting results with texting.

Like I said I’ve only had the product for a week so I can’t say I have scored yet, but the responses I am getting from the few women I am testing this on have been nothing short of fantastic in comparison to me before.

There really is a night and day difference going on here and I really do now see the difference between a text seeking value and a text giving value. As well as a text that demonstrates you are of high value vs the needy and generic stuff I was doing before, and didnt even realize.

All of my texts are now sent out with a specific motive to evoke a desired emotion from these women. And for the first time in my life I am sending messages that girls actually find funny and interesting.

Apart from that with one of the girls we are flirting constantly and she has even told me about some dirty fantasies she has in the bathtub.

I can honestly say I owe it all to using this stuff! And I cannot believe how I didn’t realize some of this before.

Anyway I know you don’t own the product but just thought I’d give you a shout out and a thanks for recommending this.

If things keep going well I’ll be asking at least one of these women out within the coming week.

Many Thanks

(Name removed for anonymity)


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