Text That Girl Review

Text That Girl is the guide I used to nail a girl nine years older than me, who I had never met before in under one week.

Before I had gotten this guide I was textually retarded and couldn’t text a a girl to save my life.

Now I’m gonna tell you right off the bat this story is a bit long and not quite the typical review. You can go and read dozens of other texting guide reviews out there; and nearly all of them will be telling you what the product is about.

I’ll sum it up for you — every guide is about teaching you how to text girls, how to be funny, what to do etc.

But here’s my real text that girl review; and my real story on how my life completely changed from girl failure to now getting as many girls as I want. And it all started with this guide.

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Text That Girl Review: My Story

First off I want to tell you a little back story how my quest of text to sex mastery began.

A few years back I had gotten in a fight with my girlfriend and was under the impression we’d be breaking up soon.

But the day before this I was out with some of my old friends from high school because it was one of their birthdays — so we ended up going to a couple bars/strip clubs. Now one of the places was particularly dead that night, and near the end of it we were all waiting around while the birthday boy blew probably $400 in lap dances and tug jobs.

text that girlWhile waiting we ended up talking to some of the girls there; not hitting on them or anything just regular conversation to kill time.

Now I’m also not much of a talker so I just made sure to pipe in every now and then with something witty or humorous to come off as normal. I was trying to avoid looking like Raj from the big bang theory.

Anyway at one point or another, for only a brief second I noticed one of the shooter girls check me out. Or at least that’s what my craptastic spidey senses were telling me.

Nothing came of this, it was just a brief glance and the conversation led by one of my talkative friends continued until we eventually left when John, (birthday boy) was drained of money and bodily fluids.

Now the night after this I ended up getting into a huge fight with my now ex-girlfriend. We didn’t break up but I was pissed off enough to really not care anymore. I then decided to go out on a limb and call that girl who had given me nothing more than a brief glance, (which could have really meant anything) and ask her to have a drink with me sometime.

I called up the club that night, got her on the phone and basically straight up asked her if she wanted to do something together. To my surprise she remembered me and agreed.

Now my plan was to get this girl out ASAP after her shift or something like that. But for some reason (either she was busy at work or would be out of town, cant remember) we had to postpone the meet up for about a week or so; and this girl was also real keen on texting and wanted to get to get to know me more before we actually met up.

FUCK….was the thought that came to mind.



You have to know that around this time I was textually retarded. I had never gotten a girl at this point in my life through texting. In fact there had many many times that a girl who liked me solely from looks, was turned off for life after a texting session with me.

They would see that my texting/social skills were not on par with their own, and they would grow bored and associate me as unworthy mating material.

I just simply couldn’t relate to girls at all, in fact I could barely talk to them. My strategies up to this point were simply bringing my social friends with me and using them to talk for the both of us. Then id pipe in a few times every couple of minutes and girls would associate the both of us as being social and “cool”.

Add alcohol in there and an ace in the hole is achievable with me only uttering a few sentences the whole night.

But by texting her this would be completely one on one, no friends and completely 100% based off words/personality and nothing more. I had barely any ideas on what to message this girl about; let alone for a whole week.

I knew I was fucked

She’d realize I couldn’t text a girl to save my life and would grow bored and stale out before the date even happened.

girl crying

The Search:

So like any 21st century person in a jam, I turned to the internet to solve my problems.

Doing a generic google search, I found tons of websites offering random texting girls advice.

The problem was there was too much information spread about, and I knew trying to internalize it and use it all so quickly would cause a clusterfuck of problems. I also knew id have to practice and see which lines worked and which failed. That was no good. I wanted something guaranteed to work, to get me through the next week and to keep her interested until our meet up.

So eventually I stumbled upon some dudes website text website. The guy was named Race dePriest and he looked normal —  no top hat and not dressed socially awkward like some of the other “texting/dating gurus” out there.

This guy looked like he was capable of actually getting laid if he knew what he was doing and he was also apparently known for, and claimed the best for laying girls through texting and social media. In fact, that was almost all he apparently did.

He had a guide called Text That Girl which “claimed” to be the answer to all my problems.

Now normally I wouldn’t buy any type of guide from the internet, but I desperately wanted to make this work. I rationalized to myself that I had spent more money a few nights ago in drinks than the cost of this entire guide, and I talked myself into buying it.


Initial Reaction

When I bought the course the first surprise to me was how much content was actually provided. Which was a good first sign as it showed that maybe my desperation didn’t cause me to get ripped off after all.

Anyway the dude (Race dePriest) claims it is the result of 5 years of work and experience, and after scrolling through I was starting to maybe believe that (I now believe him 100%).

Glancing over the course it looked like (to which I can now confirm) that every step from text to sex was outlined along with nearly every contingency on getting the number to being on the date was there.

Openers, correct mindset, being funny, teasing, flirting, sexual, high value, in demand, alpha male, non-reactive, getting the date, getting to sex, etc, etc, etc. Text that girl is more or less a text bible rather than just a guide.

I ended up reading through the guide twice before applying it, and throughout the next week, would use it to an exact tee.

I started consulting the guide for every situation and nearly every text that arose with this girl. I would rip my sentences and responses straight from the words of Race dePriest and straight from pages of the text that girl guide. No chance of me polluting the conversation with my own bad texts.


The Results:

Every text I started to send was now calculated and with meaning. I actually added the course to my phone so that I could reference it on the fly whenever I needed it (which was a lot at first).

This was incredibly helpful as I could literally open the guide to find my appropriate response in between texts with the girl.

From exact conversation openers, to teasing, to  flirting, to sexual tension, I was using the text guide for everything. Even when figuring out exactly when to stop texting, and exactly how long to wait in between texts to build maximum attraction. It had it all.

Im not trying to sound salesy, but honestly I was pretty amazed at the results. Literally over night results for me as I was now having conversations with this girl and was in complete control of everything. Some of our conversations would last hours (impossible for me to mangage before) and some only minutes.

I’ll admit it was a little choppy at first scrolling through the text course looking for what to say after nearly every text she wrote. But that’s the beauty of texting; you have time before you reply, and she can’t see what you’re doing. But at the time it was a small price to pay because most importantly — it was working.

By race dePriest’s advice I knew when to keep going and when to cut it on a high point so she would miss me and want more. There are lines in the course you can use word for word and Race dePriest tells you exactly what will happen and what to say next. It’s like always being a few steps ahead of the girl at all times.


What Happened Next

So now back to the story.

After about a week of religiously following text that girl I felt I had built enough attraction and comfort that I was good to go.

I ended up using a playful teasing line from the text guide that is pure gold to ask her out. The line works in a way where even if she denies your invitation your almost indirectly asking her, so you don’t look try-hard even if you fail.

Our texts had gone so good, I was confident I could have just outright asked her out and she would have said yes, but whatever, I used it and — it worked perfectly.

So we had the date and it was going well. She was very comfortable with me because of all the comfort built through the week of texting. This made the transition from text to face to face talking a lot smoother than I was used to.

All was good until about 3/4 the way through I got a bit of a stomach ache. However, I think that actually worked in my favor a bit, as she interpreted it as me slightly losing interest in her (even though I wasn’t). It actually caused her to want me more.

So I ended up dropping her off at her apartment at about 2am, and surprisingly she asked me if I wanted to come up with her…..I think you can fill in the blanks what this eventually led too.

girl texting

Now you maybe wondering why this girl slept with me after the first date; I sure as hell was.

  • I was about 19/20 yrs old at the time and she was 9 years older than me. I have since found that older women know what they want more. They tend to be more direct and decisive in their intentions.
  • All the texting over the course of the week put her through a roller coaster of emotions with me and they essentially acted as real mini dates. By the time the real date came it felt like we already new each other well. She was was attracted and comfortable along with all the sexual tension I created from second half of the week from texting — she basically pounced on me when she had the chance.


The Future

After this encounter I learned a valuable lesson. I found out the true power behind proper texting.

So what did I do next?

Well, I continued to use the guide religiously on girl after girl; and I can honestly say to you that since then I have never screwed up with a girl through texting again.

Now granted I have made slight errors every now and then that normally would have killed attraction completely (like in the past). But I was now taught how to re-frame theses text screw ups and would completely recover.

So I continued to repeat the process on girl after girl after girl, and I’d have to say I had a 90% success rate of getting the first date solely from texting.

Something I never imagined is how fun texting girls can actually be when you know what you’re doing.

For shits and giggles I started to use my new found skills to meet up with girls who I had never even seen before. I would get random girls numbers from my friends phones, who they got from a bar or something like that. Then I would start texting them anonymously and try to see if I could actually get them to agree to meet up. Kinda creepy for them initially I guess, but it became like a game of chess to me, and it actually worked most of the time.

I would always keep the guide on my phone and use it daily until after some time I pretty much had it fully memorized, and no longer needed it anymore.

From here I eventually went on to modifying it and adapting it more to my own style and personality — and that’s about where I am today.



To me the Text That Girl Guide has changed my life and been worth its weight in gold. It was definitely worth the cost of skipping out on buying one Saturdays night out of drinks (I wasn’t getting any drunk action anyway).

While I do feel it is by far the easiest fool proof way to get good at texting girls, I am aware some people aren’t as obsessed at becoming an expert at getting more women like I was.

However if you are sick and tired of never getting any results or really want to step your texting game up then I strongly recommend getting Text That Girl as soon as possible. I don’t think there will ever be a guide made that can rival this; and I have since read quite a lot of them.

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