How to Text a Girl You Like – What Actually Works

how to text a girl you likeAre you here to get laid? Get a girlfriend?

Or simply just want to just want to learn how to text a girl the right way?

Good, then you’re in the right place. Because all I care about is getting real results, and so should you.

First off I need to tell you that texting is such a powerful, misunderstood, and under appreciated tool for getting laid or getting a girlfriend.

In fact, I pretty much solely use texting to get laid now.

I avoid as much real conversation with a girl as I can until I have essentially broken her in and prepped her for dates and sex.

Then I just show up.

Yes, its that easy for me, and can be for you too.

Texting is Powerful Bro

girl you likeWomen have their phones with them all the time.

Through the bad times, through the good times, through the scared or bored times…..

Right when they wake up and right when they go to sleep…..okay I know you get the point here.

Basically if you play your cards right you have nearly 24 hours a day to “work on her”.

Now do you think for one minute you’d ever get that kind of time with her from solely face to face interactions?

Not by a long shot.

Unless of course, you were already dating or screwing her (then why are you even here?)

Or there’s you know that off chance that a zombie apocalypse occurs, and you have to board up a building and hide out together for months.

Though I wouldn’t rely on that one.

And this is just one of the many reasons why texting is such a powerful method for getting the girl.

Texting is Really Powerful Bro

texting is powerfulWhen you talk to a girl in person there is so much other crap going on.

There’s people watching. Her friends are around. Your friends are around, etc.

She’s worried about being judged by you. She’s worried about being judged by society.

Shes worried what other people are thinking….heck, she’s even wondering what you’re thinking.

All of these social pressure’s are going to make it hard for any real ground to be built, outside of just casual talk.

With texting there is none of this crap. It’s just you and her, 100% private, and oh yea, you can’t see each other.

And this is where she is the most comfortable and open. This is where she will tell you her deepest secrets, feel comfortable with you, and yes — talk dirty with you.

This is another huge reason why texting is so powerful for getting some.

Text Her Panties Off

Imagine this for a moment.

girl texting on phoneShe’s alone bored at work — you’re there with a funny text.

She’s sad because her dog died — you’re there with your real or fake comforting and caring message.

She’s just doing her thing throughout the day — you’re there briefly telling her about something interesting that just happened to you.

You’ve been doing this for a bit, and now you’re part of her life.

She’s even texting you before she goes to bed because YOU are now part of her daily life.

Pretty soon she’s telling you really personal stuff. She trusts you, she likes you, she’s comfortable with you.

Add this all up and don’t you think getting this girl on a date, bedding her, and making her your girlfriend afterwards if you wish would be easy as cake?

Of course it is.

You’re already part of her daily life. She likes your texts, she looks forward to your texts, your interesting, she now likes YOU. All you have to do now is show up.

And this is precisely what I do to get laid so easily.

Now try to accomplish that with face to face interactions at school, work, friends, etc — and it could take you months, or most likely never actually happen.

This is the power of texting.

The Real Power of Texting

I want to stress this part because it was a huge realization for me.

When you are trying to get a girl from face to face interactions you will be competing with other guys.

Ones who are better dressed than you, better looking than you, have better bodylanguage than you, a nicer car, a better vibe, and have higher social status than you.

And all of these things can significantly lower your chances of getting her.

However, when you are texting she cannot see you or anyone else. Her entire perception of you or anyone else becomes solely based on the content of your texts.

This is huge!

All you have to do is be a better texter than the other guys, whom 98% of them I can guarantee you are using the exact same generic “hows it going today?” crap.

Slowly but surely she”ll start to peg those guys as being boring to message and all the same.

However, you on the other hand will be demonstrating value, intersting, funny, and she’ll actually look forward to your texts.

Then when you meet up in person you have a huge edge. SHE ALREADY LIKES YOU.

And she’s going to overlook all of your faults because she’s already into you.

This is how we do it. And this is how I lay girls after picking them up in my crappy ex-smoker’s ’02 grand am.

Text to Sex

Now you’re probably wondering how long this whole process takes.

Get ready for it…..

3 – 14 days on average.

This is from when I send my very first text to a girl, up until when I am either on a date or screwing her (usually screwing).

And of course when I say “on a date with her”. Its already on at this point as well.

This time frame of course varies as you can see becuase of different girls personality/ethics.

But like I said before, from face to face interactions this could take months at school or work due to social pressures, and so much other external shit going on.

But not with texting. Theres no one to see, theres no one to judge.

And this is precisely why I love texting so much, and why its such a goldmine for getting laid.

Now your next logical question is: “how do I do this?!”

What To Text A Girl You Like

what to text a girl you just metI’ll admit if you had asked me a few years back how to go about texting your way to sex, I would have been completely clueless.

Like most people I would probably have given you some generic dipshit advice like “just be yourself” or “be cocky/funny”….”act aloof bro”.

Yeah right. The truth is, this shit doesnt work. Period.

Unless you’re a “natural” or until you actually know what you are doing, it is never that easy or simple.

You can’t just “be cool” or be the type of funny that girls are attracted to if you’re normally not.

But you already know this.

Girls Are Picky

The truth is even a semi attractive girl will be hit on multiple times a day, every single day.

And due to this you can be sure that each girl has built up their “social shields” to weed out what they deem “the loser males” from wasting their time.

The hotter the girl, the better or faster they usually are at labeling you as a chump, becoming turned off, and then blowing you off.

This unfortunately is current day reality. And applies to every form of communication with a woman, whether that be in person conversation, social media outlets, and yes of course, texting.

Unfortunately or fortunately for some of us, the days of killing the biggest animal and claiming the hottest woman in your tribe are long gone.

Social power is in, and texting is one of the most powerful ways of doing so.

The Good News

The good news is, you dont need to be a natural.

You dont need to be super good looking.

Hell, you dont even need to be “cool” or have high “social status” to get amazing results with women through texting.


Because all you have to do is learn when and what to say– and I’m going to show you how.

And if you do this right she will perceive all these attractive qualities about you, whether you actually have them or not.

Perception really is reality, bro. (P.S. I dont say bro this much in real life)

Wanna Get Laid? Fake It Till You Make It

glamour_08I have my texting pretty much down to a science.

Based off powerful psychological principles, laws of attraction, spontenaeity, and yes of course….complete bullshit.

Or in other words — faking it till you make it.

In the beginning I laid so many girls through texting who thought I was some kind of super social busy guy.

Meanwhile most of the time I was at home on the computer doing nothing.

There is a skill to this.

Again…perception is reality.

And faking it till you make it, I might add, is incredibly easy with texting, and much harder with face to face interactions.

So another leg up here for texting.

And once I teach you exactly how to text like me, you will get the results I do.

Simple as that.

You’ll look back and laugh at how easy it is becomes. (I know I did).

Why Other Texting Sites Suck

angry girl textingI have looked at some of the other text sites out there — in short — they don’t work.

At least the ones I’ve seen don’t. And that’s because they’re not thorough enough to actually help you.

The fact is saying stuff like “tell jokes occasionally”, “use this line”, and “be cool” are not going to help you get the girl you like.

You already know you’re supposed to do this stuff, the problem is you dont know exactly how and when to use it.

And most importantly the right way to piece it all together.

Trust me I was there.

A one page text guide can’t possibly prepare you for all the various circumstances and contingencies that will come up when messaging a girl.

You also have to kind of adapt the mentality of a winner. And who knows, do this long enough and you may actually —  become one.

How To Get Really Good At Texting Women

Now it is jokingly easy once you “get it”. But of course that’s once you “get it”.

Yea thats the catch, there’s always a catch, right.

So you can get in there and crash and burn a lot with women to learn the process of what does and doesnt work.

However, it will greatly, and I mean greatly accelerate your process of learning if you learn from someone else, who has been there and done that.

At least thats my take on it.

And that’s how I got so good, so fast.

And of course thats why you’re here right?

So as much as I’d like to chuck everything up on one page for you…and say “text this, get laid, profit” — it just doesn’t work that way.

Atleast if you really want to get good at this and get consitantly laid from texting.

girl lying down texting

And anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is setting you up for failure. Or a fluke.

That is why I have created an entire site on this topic. Because there is so much to cover.

Imagine how much crap she’s going to say to you, and you’re going to want to know the best answer for everything. To evoke the best emotional repsonses in your favor.

At first this seems enourmous, but after a bit it becomes easy as you start to instinctivley know what to say.

As one man said, “you are what you constinously do”. And in this case its true.

TL;DR / All In All

    • I get cotinuously laid from texting, you can too.
    • Texting is the easiest way to get laid if you dont have everything going for you.
    • Its easy, and you will become part of her daily life quickly.
    • She’ll discuss secrets and be more sexually open because there’s no societal pressure or people around to judge.
    • Getting sex, at the very least a real date takes roughly 3-14 days practically guaranteed if you text correctly
    • “Being yourself”, or stupid one liners dont work. You need to approach this more as a whole system.
    • Girls are more on guard and picky than ever. Unless you can demonstrate value and the proper attractive qualities she wants — she’s gonna blow you off, or worse, friendzone you.
    • The good news is you dont actually have to be an attractive person, or a person of value for her to sleep with you/become your girlfriend. All you need is for her to perceive that you are.
    • If you’re not a person of high value or in demand — fake it till you make it.
    • Other texting sites suck. They’re not thorough enough give you a complete view — a complete system.
    • It is so much easier and faster to learn from someone who already consciously texts to get laid, and can help guide you. You will burn through too many good women making mistakes that would have been otherwise easily avoidable.
    • Regardless of how well she thinks she already knows you; she really doesn’t. Once you are texting her around the clock you will slowly be embedding all your texts with subtexts that build attraction and demonstrate value.Slowly but surely, she’ll start to question just who you really and modifying her initial impressions as she becomes more and more attracted.

Where To Start?

text to sexCheck out my posts on How to Start a Text Conversation With A Girl and How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text

Where I give real situations, examples, and lines that you can begin incorporating immediately.

And if you’re super duper serious about wanting to get laid/get a girlfriend from texting ASAP —

like if you’re ridiculously lazy like most people and want absolutely all the guess work done for you.

Then I recommend you check out Text That Girl.

Quite literally this is the greatest texting guide I have ever come across.

More or less the texting bible — anything the girl says you can find the ideal appropriate response that will get her more attracted to you.

It will take you from dumbass texter to experienced sexter.

Well, this is the guide I used that started me on this whole journey. Without it I’d never have gotten success and be where I am now.

I was a texting moron and got my first lay using it and then continued to use it on many other girls since.

So maybe I’m biased, but it changed my life.

For more info about this you can also check out how to get good fast where I go over how to get the fastest results possible and why it works.

Anyway until next time bros check out more of the site for more great advice on how to text a girl you like.


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