How To Turn A Girl On Over Text

how to turn a girl on over textKnowing how to turn a girl on over text is something you need to learn.

It will make the process of getting physical with a girl when you meet up MUCH easier.

In fact this is one of the reasons why I can easily and quickly get sexual with a woman when we do meet up.

By turning her on before hand you plant the seed and have her imagine ahead of time what is to come.

And this is a very powerful thing.

By heating her up in her mind you are already half way to getting her to actually sleep with you.

This is the key to an easy success.

How Girls Get Turned On

girl turned onAs men we typically get aroused easily by in the flesh acts as well as visual images.

But something to remember is that women are not the same.

Women typically live and get aroused in their mind and within their emotions first.

It is imperative that you understand this because while we can go from 0-60 in 3 seconds — a woman is a lot more like a boiling pot of water.

They need to be slowly heated up before they are boiling and ready to go.

And getting them to the boiling point is led by somewhat of an emotional journey for them.

In other words by living out her fantasies in her mind first, it will allow her to easily accept what is later to come.

She will also physically get turned on from her imagination, and this will further excite and prep her for the real deal.

Benefits of Turning A Girl On Through Text

girl dirtyAnother important benefit to note from turning a girl on over text is the amount and detail of sexual things she is likely to discuss with you.

Things she wouldn’t otherwise do in person.

And this is a huge benefit for you.

Remember in our day and age social pressure for most girls to not appear slutty is suffocating.

People in general tend to hold so much back out of fear of being labeled, observed, or judged by other people.

So when things of a sexual nature come up in real life interactions she will be fighting invisible social barriers to refrain from the risk of being labeled as a slut.

However, over text things are a lot more lenient for her.

She will feel much more “safe” behind the protection of her phone. There is no one in front of her to make actually see her, hear her voice, or judge her.

This barrier of protection is what will make her freely express her sexual thoughts towards you.

And this is what makes texting such a powerful tool for turning her on.

Next lets discuss the mindset you need to adapt…

Be Bold and Don’t Apologize For It

bold girlMost guys out there are absolutely terrified of taking sexual risks and instead tend to always play it safe with women.

This type of approach is wrong. It is holding you back from a better life. It is holding you back from getting laid.

The fear of taking sexual risks are there and strong, but for no real reason.

Some psychologists mention that fear is there from primitive times.

Where if you declared your sexual interest to a woman of your tribe whom was already taken — if her mate found out he would come and bash your skull in with a rock.

However, those times are long gone, and the fear should have died with it.

Currently the repercussions of stating your sexual intent and essentially “being a man” are nill, zero, nada.

Yet most men are still terrified.

The fact is that ven if things go wrong, most likely the worst case scenario is she just gets “offended” with your bold approach…

Who cares….IDGAF and neither should you.

Trust me when I say that she will forgive and respect you for being a confident hot-blooded male. Though she will not forgive, nor respect you for being a flat line, tip toeing wimp.

She will never be attracted to the wimp. She will however, be attracted to the man who states his intentions and isn’t afraid if he offends.

Remember this.

Techniques For Turning Things Sexual

blonde girl textingBefore you can turn her on you need to learn how to actually turn the conversation sexual.

You can’t just go from talking about the weather to talking about your penis (most of the time).

As it will appear to be coming out of nowhere and she’ll probably get weirded out.

So here I am going to discuss how to get on a sexual topic, as well as how to gauge where she is at sexually.

And unfortunately because you are the man it is essentially your job to lead this and do all the work.


This is one way to slyly turn the conversation to a more sexual nature without it being awkward.

Basically you apply the mindset that she is always trying to seduce you.

And the best part is you are making it look like she was the one who was implying it all along.

Which is a win-win for us.

Example 1: (Being cute and using misinterpretation)

Andrea: lol.. I wish I had a snuggly monkey to sleep with
Chris: Those are extremely rare….but for you my sweet I would search all of my kingdoms and beyond!

Andrea: ok seriously u are the sweetest
Andrea: can i keep u

Chris: Like in a cage? Prob not…in hancuffs for a night…maybe 🙂

Example 2: (More bold use of misinterpretation)

Chelsea: 7 inches of snow today crazy huh
Chris: 7 inches is quite fulfilling I hear
Chelsea: haha nice

These misinterpretations do two things:

  1. They lead make the topic of conversation head towards a sexual nature.
  2. They gauge her current level of sexuality.

Notice how in example 2 Chelsea said “haha nice”.

This may mean that she is not quite comfortable getting sexual, or it could just mean that she decided to laugh instead.

Some girls however will actually reply to that with something sexual. At that point you can escalate further.

Finally remember that you can get away with a lot using this technique. Do not be afraid to push the boundaries a bit.

Measuring Her Sexuality With Innuendos:

girl sitting staringAnother good technique to gauge her sexuality is innuendos.

Most men out there, at least initially, have no idea where the girl is at sexually.

Is she reserved? Or is she a freak just waiting to be exposed?

You really have no idea initially and this technique is a great way to gauge where your girl is at.

Sexual Innuendos are statements that discuss something in a seemingly non-sexual way.

However they can easily be twisted and interpreted to mean something sexual.

You can essentially use these innuendos over text as bait to see if the girl latches onto it with sexual remarks or ideas.

These are great for evoking her sexual states.


Chris: I just saw the cutest little squirrel in the park gathering nuts and it made me think of you 🙂

Jill: lol! ur the best! saving that message! too cute!
Morgan: Why cause We both like nuts?

Notice how the same text was sent to both girls, but while Jill thought it was just cute, Morgan noticed the sexual twist to it and went down that route.

By constantly dropping these type of innuendos over text you will be able to constantly gauge where the girl is at sexually.

And simultaneously you will be getting her more comfortable discussing topics of a sexual nature with you.

Remember the more times you get her thinking or talking in a sexual nature with you the better. Period.

String these together and you’ll see results.


blonde girl sittingYou now understand the how, the power, the mindset, and two small but powerful techniques for getting a girl into a sexual state.

And with that you should now have a much better understanding of how to turn a girl on over text.

While this stuff can seem trivial to us, it really does add up to have some powerful effects with women.

And remember to get much more thorough information like this be sure to check out my text that girl review.

Which is the only guide I recommend to consistently get laid from texting.

How To Text A Girl You Like


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