What To Text A Girl You Just Met

what to text a girl you just metSo you’ve got a girls number and now you’re wondering just what the hell you should text her about?

Ideally you wanna get her out on a date, get laid, or make her your girlfriend.

The problem is you gotta build some attraction, comfort, and turn her on over texts first.

And you really wanna get your texting right with this girl because you know first impressions are everything.

You also realize that even a semi-attractive girl is going to have multiple guys texting her daily.

So you know how crucial it is that your texts set you apart from the rest of the guys if you actually wanna get her.

Good News

Well, thats great! Because getting laid and going on easy dates from texting is my specialty.

In fact texting is the sole reason for why I get laid as much as I do.

It really is an underappreciated goldmine.

But before you send off your first text I want you to understand some key principles that will make you stand out from almost every other guy that is currently texting her.

Separating Yourself from the Herd

how to text a girl you just metLike I said before you need to understand that you are most definitely not the only guy who is texting this girl.

Women get hit on dozens, even hundreds of times every week. And that only increases the more attractive they are.

So you can be sure that there is probably at least a handful or two of other guys messaging her on a daily basis.

But remember that’s just from text messaging.

With phone calls, face to face interactions, and social media platforms, she is probably being barraged with interested dudes night and day.

Now that you understand really how much competition there will be you can understand how important it is that you get your texts right the first time.

And by reading this article you are already going to have huge edge up on the rest of the competition when texting her.


Well, you’re going to be an exception to the norm.

You are going to separate yourself from the generic and typical texts she gets from 95% of all of the other who are texting her.

girl just met

You are also going to display value, show that you’re in demand, social, funny, interesting, intriguing, confident, and all the other qualities that she would find attractive in a man.

Something I can guarantee you the other guys will not all be doing.

And don’t worry if you’re actually not all of these things. I wasnt either, but I still got laid plenty of times by faking it until I actually made it — and you can do the same.

Most guys fall into the same generic traps when it comes to texting women, but you are not going to be one of them.

You need to demonstrate to her that she made the right choice by giving you her number, and that you are a male of high value.

Qualities of a High Value Male

These are just some qualities that you need to keep in mind when texting the girl. These are things she is looking for and what will separate you from the rest.

  • Strong personal identity:You are not able to be manipulated and have a strong identity
  • You are in demand:You are not always available to talk because you are in demand and busy
  • High social value:You either have or are able to make her perceive that you have high social value
  • An alpha personality: You are able to excite her and also make her laugh when you want to.
  • You are non reactive:You dont react to her attempts to manipulate, anger, or falsely excite you
  • No attachment to the outcome:You are in demand and are not needy because you have options

These are but a few of the qualities we will be demonstrating and she will be picking up on subconsciously or consciously from your texts. Its soundsĀ  like a lot of work, but its really not that difficult once you know what you’re doing.

But before we can get more into this — lets look at what wewont be doing.

The Crap Everyone Else is Texting Her

hot-girlMost guys sit around for hours thinking of the perfect thing to send her.

They usually end up writing something far too long, realize it, and then end up putting something “safe” and generic like this crap below:

  • Hey, whats up?
  • How’s your day going?
  • Hey, what are you up to?
  • Hey its (name) from (bar,club,wherever), whats going on?
  • Hey (name or “cutie”) it was nice to meet you the yesterday. Hows it going?
  • Hi I enjoyed talking to you yesterday. Whats going on?

These are the texts that every other guy is sending her. And in turn they do nothing to set you apart from the sub standard norm.

There is nothing here that emotionally engages her, is of value, is interesting or entices her to respond in any way.

By sending this garbage you are killing an opportunity to re-spark any initial attraction you had when you got her number in the first place.

Characteristics of the Best First Text

text girl emotions

  1. It needs to be fun and playful, not needy, serious, or lame
  2. It should play on her emotions, causing her to re-feel the attraction or good time she recently had with you
  3. It needs entice her to respond

Now you can be sure as shit that “hey, whats up?” does absolutely none of this.

And that 98% of the guys texting her are not incorporating all three of these criteria into their texts.

If you can do all three of these, she will not only almost be guaranteed to respond, but you are instantly way ahead of the curve, and starting off on a high.

Now lets look over some qualities that your intial texts should have.

Playing On Her Emotions

tattoo girlWith so many guys texting her, she may not even remember you right off the bat.

And may even deliberately take her time messaging you.

So if your first text to her can instantly spark her emotions by bringing back any positive/attractive memory she had with you — thats a good thing.

When you use something like a fun, connecting, or memorable experience, you will then jog her emotional memory.

And she will start to re-feel those positive feelings of attraction she previously felt for you when you got her number.

Fun and Playful

I’ll admit I initially was skeptical of being “playful”. I’m a pretty serious dude and I thought it would come off as immature.

Especially considering my prior more stoic type texting rituals (which absolutely sucked btw and never got me laid).

However, I can confirm this was a previous error on my part and one of the reasons I used to never get texting success.

The fact is that the majority of your texts should have the subtext of elementary school humor.

I’m talking about light hearted stuff like teasing, roleplaying, nicknames, descriptive fun words, etc.

fun and playful

Girls don’t want you to be super serious or super sexual right off the bat when texting. By doing so you’d typically just come off too serious, lame, boring, or creepy.

The fact is that girls love playful banter. And by showing that you can be lighthearted, fun, and have a healthy set of emotions she is going to enjoy and look forward to messaging you.

Note for older guys: I have used this playful banter on women well into their 40’s and it still works like a charm. You just may want to tone it down a bit based on the feedback shes giving you.

Being Flirtatious

While being fun and playful is great for a large portion of your text your also going to have to be flirting a lot to keep that attraction burning even stronger.

Things like mirroring, roleplaying, and teasing are great ways to flirt with her through your texts.

Formulating The Perfect Texts

girl leaning against wallNow that we’ve come this far you should have a decent idea of the inner workings on what separates a good text from a generic bad text.

We will adapt and display the mentality of a high value male.

And we will deviate from generic mediocrity by formulating our texts to range from being fun, playful, flirty, humorous, emotion evoking, and interesting.

When we combine all of these things together we have created the perfect criteria for knowing how to text a girl you just met.

Along with the many more to come.


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